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The toughest job in babysitting

You’re a greedy babysitter working for the mob. Steal from your boss, avoid the law, don’t get caught. Turn in your rivals to become the kingpin babysitter.

Mob Sitters is a fun and simple card game where you try to gain the most money while avoiding the prison sentence or the wrath of the mafia boss.

How the game works

Deal a hand of 6 cards from your player deck. On your turn play 3 cards onto your mat.

Job cards and steal cards allow you to earn money, so if these are still left on your mat at the start of your next turn, you get to put these into your safe.

There are also cards such as ‘Rat on ‘em’ which you use to accuse someone of their wrong doings. If this is resolved that players money they would have earnt immediately goes to their relevant ‘Cops’ or ‘Boss’ pile

But be careful, they may have something to push the blame back onto you

At the end of the game whoever has the most in their Boss pile is knowcked out of the game because the boss caught them, then whoever has the most in the cops pile is out of the game because they have been caught by the cops. The player left in the game then total up what’s in their safe to see who’s won.

The Decks


Here's an interview of Liam explaining Mob Sitters to "On The Tabletop" at UK Games Expo 2019


"It’s a quick game with a joyous theme, and despite the large amount of luck you still feel like you make meaningful choices"
Denholm Spurr, Zatu Games

"I played a pre-release copy of this with the designer and really enjoyed it. Fun simple gameplay and nice artwork to go with it."
Boiled Mouse, Board Game Geek